Management of the apiary

The queen bee is the one managing the apiary. Her presence is continuously noticeable inside the beehive, due to the circulation of her pheromones with which she maintains the cohesion of the apiary, sustains its distinctive organization and regulates its functioning. The follower worker bees of the queen are the ones in charge of the circulation of her pheromones. They keep their antennas in constant communication with the queen and then, because of the regular contact they have with the rest of the bees, they circulate her pheromones throughout the apiary. The pheromones is also transmitted through trophallaxis as well as due to air circulation.


Communication among bees

A necessary requirement for the good function of a colony is the communication between its members. Communication among bees is achieved through various stimulations. Such stimulations are the pheromones –chemical substances that are secreted by both workers and the queen.

According to the chemical substance that is secreted, a different behaviour from the apiary is observed.

Bees also communicate through dance. Three basic dances have been noted; the round dance, the mixed dance and the dance where the abdomen vibrates. These dances basically indicate the distance of the food from the beehive.

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