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The Best Honey in the World

Tziverti honey was proclaimed ‘Best Honey in the World’ at the ‘’World Beekeeping Awards’’ organised by Apimondia on the 43rd Apimondia International Congress. The biennial Apimondia International Congress is attended by thousands of beekeepers from every corner of the world and is highly regarded as the world’s most important beekeeping event.

The 2013 World Beekeeping Awards saw the participation of 112 different types of honey from 25 countries, each of which competed for their quality, taste and aroma. Tziverti took part in the competition with two of its honey varieties, the Cypriot wildflower honey and its thyme honey. Both varieties were crowned with a gold medal in their category. Following this, each honey which had received a gold medal in the six categories proceeded to compete for the title of ‘Best Honey in the World’.

The judges unanimously proclaimed the Cyprus Tziverti honey as the ‘Best Honey in the World’. This success is a great honour for Cyprus, to the Cypriot beekeeping industry as a whole, and to our family, and is the result of our absolute dedication to the quality of our product.


3 International Awards in 4 Years

In 2009, Tziverti honey took part in the Apimodia international competition in Montpelier where it was awarded a bronze medal. It also competed in the Apimedica and Apiquality 2010 international forum in Ljubljana where it was also honoured with a gold and bronze medal.